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About Jarrod Champion

Jarrod Champion is a self-taught pianist, vocalist, organist, songwritier and multi-instrumentalist.  Born in a suburb east of Detroit, Michigan, he's the son of two working class parents, both trained pianists. 

Originally based in rock and roll, Jarrod eventually spread out into the prominent jazz, blues and traditional country/folk circuits found in and around Detroit.  He has come to identify in large part with early New Orleans jazz, blues and soul music while retaining the smokey, bar-room romanticism he's become known for. 

He is and has been a member of numerous musical groups in the Detroit area and has toured both nationally and internationally in his career. 

Jarrod is an active live and studio session musician and has written music for stage plays, films and video productions.   He also writes and performs original music under his own name, fronts his own ensembles across many various genres, and can be found in top jazz, blues and rock establishments in and around the city of Detroit and beyond.